Jennifer Floto
Graphic Designer


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My name is Jennifer Floto and I am a multidisciplinary junior graphic designer. I am a recent graduate from the York/Sheridan Bachelor of Design program (YSDN) and am currently looking for new and exciting opportunities!

During my high school career I had a passion for art, fashion, and computer graphics, and aspired to work at a popular fashion magazine one day, this is what led me to Graphic Design. 

During my YSDN career I found my horizons expanded and have found passion for many forms of design including editorial, package, branding/communication, and UX/UI design. No matter which area  I work in I strive to use design to make a difference in the world around me. I believe that design is more than art, it is about creating an experience. Every design is unique and every design has a purpose!

Download my resume here!